We Missed Several Key Players in Matchweek 9 Against Ajman.. Pedro: Congrats to the Young Players for their Significant Performance and Fighting Spirit


“When you lose the efforts of key players like Laba Kodjo, Mohammed Abdul Rahman, Caio Canedo, Islam Khan, and the list is longer than you expect, you find yourself obliged to congratulate the young players for their a well-done job. They fight from their heart to defend the Boss’ crest while keeping in mind that they are the future of the Club,” Pedro stated in the post-match of the matchweek 9 of the Arabian Gulf League held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Thursday 10th December 2020.

He hailed the efforts of Khalid Al Blooshi, Erik, and Mohammed Awadallah, who performed well and showed they are the team’s potential stars.

He added: “When you get five to six chances in each half of the match, and you could not score for a reason or another, then you do not deserve winning such a game. When it comes to me, I am proud of the young players’ performance and congrats for a job well done.”

He pointed out that when he went to the changing room, he noticed that the players were disappointed by the match result as they feel they failed to achieve the desired result. “We have to analyze the performance, and I have to say thanks to Shiotani and Edwardo for their significant performance. They are always there when you need them and were so keen to serve the team’s best interest. Yes, they sometimes are not lucky enough, but they try to do their best.”

He concluded his statement: “It is not a secret to say that when you see the team on the pitch, you see the Reserved Team. Yes, I am not happy by the result and losing the three points, but happy and satisfied by the young players’ performance.”