Zoran: Wasting Chances and lack of Focus behind the loss in Riyadh


In the post-match press conference of the confrontation of Al Ain against Al Hilal, Al Ain Head Coach Zoran Mamic started by congratulating the opponent team on the occasion of qualifying for the AFC Champions League semi-final. Simultaneously, he emphasized: “My team was the best on the ground and was dominating the match till the movement when Al Hilal took the lead by scoring their first goal. I do believe that the team who cannot translate the chances they have within the ox of the opposing team into goals at this stage of the competition, certainly will not qualify for the semi-finals.”

He continued: “We did not show the required level of performance in the second half of the game and did not succeed in implementing the field tasks well in the pitch. Also, we lacked the focus factor, and so we were not able to equal the result.”

Responding to a question whether he agrees with the opinion that Al Ain was about to receive more than three goals or not, he said: “Certainly, in the second half, we had no choice but to adopt an offensive style and we had to leave spaces in the field. The players were nervous and Al Hilal was almost able to score more in the second half with more than one goal.”

“I do not think the absences were the cause of the loss, because the opposing team also has absences in their ranks, namely Salman Al Faraj. So, reasons to lose the match were evident which were simple not exploiting the chances we had to score in the back nets of the opponent, in addition to the lack of focus in the second half,” said Mamic replying to a question whether the absence of the two defenders, Mohannad Al Enzi and Khalid Abdul Rahman, besides the level of readiness of Amoory that led to losing the match result.