Al Ain Team Members Surprise Bandar and Jumaa

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Yesterday evening, the family of the Al Ain Team, at its summer training camp in Spain, celebrated the players, Bandar Al Ahbabi and Saeed Jumaa, during dinner time.  

The team chef was keen to prepare a delicious chocolate cake under a nutritionist’s supervision on their birthday.

None of the players were allowed to get any bite, even Bandar and Jumaa, due to the diet program in force in the training camp. However, the admin and logistics teams and the hotel workers took care of enjoying the cake on behalf of everyone.

The celebration was a pleasant surprise for the players, especially all the team members who participated, including the head of the delegation, Mohammed Obaid Hammad, a member of the Steering Committee of Al Ain Football Club Company, and the team head coach, Alfred Schreuder.