Al Ain Wins Al Dhafra 1-0


By the end of its first friendly match of the Abu Dhabi Clubs Friendly Tournament, the Boss defeated Al Dhafra by 1-0. The match was held on Saturday 22 August 2020 at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain City.

Noteworthy, three clubs in addition to Al Ain FC participating in this current tournament namely: Al Wahda, Bani Yas and Al Dhafra. The tournament is organized in preparation for the new season.

The first half ended by goalless result and the sole goal of the match was scored by the new player of Al Ain, Fahd Hadid at the 67th minute of the match.

Al Ain: 1

Goals: Fahd Hadid “67”

Starting Lineup: Mohammed Saeed Bu Senda- Mohammed Shaker – Saeed Jumaa – Tsukasa Shiotani – Salem Abdullah – Yahiya Nader – Mohammed Abdul Rahman – Rayan Yaslam – Wilson Eduardo – Islam Khan – Lapa Kodjo.

Substitutions: Jamal Marouf replaced Mohammed Abdul Rahman “37” – Fahd Hadid replaced Rayan Yaslam “45” – Erik Menezes replaced Salem Abdullah “45” – Hamad Al Mansouri replaced   of Mohammed Bu Senda “62” – Mohammed Jamal replaced Yahiya Nader “70” – Saud Al Blooshi replaced Mohammed Shaker “70” – Rafael Antonio replaced Saeed Jumaa “70” – Mohammed Hilal replaced Wilson Eduardo “70” – Muhsin Abdullah replaced Islam Khan “70” – Omar Yassin replaced Tsukasa Shiotani ”70 – Mohammed Khalfan replaced Laba Kodjo “70”.

Al Dhafra: 0

Starting Lineup: Abdullah Sultan – Ibrahim Saeed – Essam Al Adwa – Masoud Suleiman – Musllam Fayez – Imran Al-Jassasi – Rashid Al Ketbi – Khaled Al Darmaki – Khaled Butti – Saeed Al-Kathiri – Michael Rocheville.

Substitutions: Suhail Al Mansouri replaced Saeed Al-Kathiri “45” – Yassin Zakariyya replaced Michael Rocheville “45” Mohammed Al Junaibi replaced Musllam Fayez “45” – Saeed Al Rawahi replaced Imran Al Jassi “45” – Benjamin replaced Masoud Suleiman “68” – Badr Al Attas replaced Essam AlAdwah “72” – Ahmad Yaslam replaced Ibrahim Saeed “72” – Ibrahim Ahmed replaced Ibrahim Saeed “72”.

Match Officials

The match was managed by Omar Gharib “Match Referee”, assisted by Saeed Al Mansouri “First Assistant,” Hamdan Mohammed Jumaa “Second Assistant,” Salah Al Marzouki “Match Commissioner”.