Al Ain TV Channel is Set to Broadcast Abu Dhabi Clubs Friendly Tournament

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Naser Al Tamimi: The Fans’ Passion for Watching the Teams’ Matches Inspired Us to Win the Exclusive Rights

Preventive Measures Requirements Postpone Broadcasting the First Two Matches

Al Ain TV Channel has won the exclusive rights of broadcasting the matches of the second and third rounds of the Abu Dhabi Clubs Friendly Tournament based on its keenness to serv the Boss and all UAE football fans with significant services everywhere, Al Ain Media Company stated on Saturday 22 August 2020.

On his part, Mr. Naser Al Tamimi, CEO of Al Ain TV Channel, expressed his sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts exerted by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, willingness to adopt the developmental initiatives and to furnish the unequivocal support to the UAE and Abu Dhabi sports to achieve the best results at all levels.

He added: “Of course, I cannot fail to commend the significant efforts and cooperation exhibited by the participating clubs’ coaching and administrative teams. This greatly contributed to winning the exclusive rights of broadcasting the matches.”

Al Tamimi, in his statement to the official account of the Al Ain TV Channel, stated: “Broadcasting the matches of the friendly tournament coincides with launching the new program cycle dedicated to cover all events and activities hosted by the Gardens City.”

“We are well aware that suspension period of all sports competitions and the fans’ inability to watch the matches of their favorite teams boosts the passion for being back to stadiums and ensuring that their teams are doing well during their preseason training camp. We are in Al Ain TV Channel are so pleased to broadcast all the matches of second and third rounds, and there will be an analysis studio dedicated to tackling issues related to Al Ain Team matches.”

The CEO of Al Ain TV Channel concluded his statement by saying: “The plan was to broadcast all the tournament matches; however, the exclusive rights were granted after meeting all the precautionary and preventive measures, and by this, we missed broadcasting the first round of the tournament.”