My Message to the Fans is “Together Stronger”.. Pedro: I Trust my Players’ Potentials to Achieve the Boss Aspirations


Pedro: We Are Committed to Implementing the Precautionary Measures and Eager to Play Friendlies

“Our preseason camp this year is completely different due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Our main goal is to work in a safe environment to ensure all our members’ safety via a full commitment to implementing the precautionary and preventive measures adopted by the Al Ain Club,” Pedro Emmanuel, head coach of Al Ain First Football Team.

He added that his squad is all set to play three friendlies in the home tournament scheduled to be held in Al Ain City during 22-28 August 2020.

“Sights are set to redouble our efforts and achieve the desired gains out of the friendly tournament. We are always so keen to show respect to all health controls issued by the authorities and adopt all the details of the matches’ protocol,” he said.

On the matches schedule of the Al Ain FC, he said: “On 4th September, we kick off our season by playing against Khorfakkan FC in the AGC and AGL. We are required to focus on performing well to achieve the best results. Also, we have an away match of the AFC Champions League 2020, and we are looking forward to achieving several tactical and physical gains.”

“September is full of challenges, and still we are missing certain players who joined the UAE National Football Team and other injured players who already joined rehabilitation programs. Indeed, I do trust the players’ potentials to achieve our desired goals,” Pedro said.

He also said: “I believe that we all could do a great job and strongly start our season. This is what we need the following months of not playing. The question now is what the team’s situation would be! I hope they all feel comfortable and play well, and this is what we need currently.”

Commenting on a question on Saturday’s match against Al Dhafra, he said: “We do not have information about the current level of Al Dhafra team, and they have no information about Al Ain’s current level. However, the most important is the competition and back to the pitch and perform well by playing an actual match. This is very important for all the players to feel they are back to the matches atmosphere.”

“Of course, we aim to win the match, and the opponent has the same goal, but the most important issue in this tournament is to evaluate the physical fitness level of the players and the efforts we exerted during the past four weeks. This is what we would see on Saturday and this what we are looking for. I am sure all will be well.”

Pedro Emmanuel pointed out that he has full trust in the Al Ain Club, the team and the fans who are the most crucial factor in the team’s success.

He stressed that the fans, as the team, are impatiently looking forward to seeing their team playing in the pitch. “However, we are still in the beginning after a long period of not training. We have to exert lots of effort within the upcoming two weeks to show our best.”

Pedro Emmanuel concluded his statement by addressing an overwhelming message to the fans where he said: “Trust us as we trust you as we are together stronger.”