Consistent with its Strategic Plans Al Ain Football Company Holds an Extraordinary Meeting for the “Boss” Stars at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium

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Ali Saeed Al Kaabi Speaks the Love Language of the Al Ain and Showcases Inspiring Examples for Players

Pedro Emmanuel Hails the Lecture’s Content and Shows his Desire to Have This Family Meeting Held Regularly 

In line with the club’s vision and its corporate values, and compliance with the strategic plan of Al Ain Football Club, a meeting was held with the stars of the player, the coaching teams and medical and administrative staffs with the club’s board of directors at the Chairman’s Lounge on 27th February 2020.

The meeting was held to keep pace with the signs of development, excellence, and creativity. The meeting hosted the former Al Ain club player, Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, the well-known sports commentator, and the media advisor for the club.

The forum agenda included a lecture delivered by Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, where he used the comfortable and straightforward language of football, which is so close to the hearts of players. The lecturer kicked off his lecture with famous phrases that touch reality and inspire optimism and boost up the spirit of enthusiasm, challenge, and fighting.

The lecture also included a comprehensive explanatory presentation that provides for inspiring content for all players, which received well by the team’s head coach Pedro Emmanuel and the “Boss” stars.

Al Kaabi pointed out in his speech the story of his transformation from a player in the Al Ain Club to the field of sports commentary. He said: “We were in an away camp in the German city of Train Cap during our first friendly match against Hamburg, I kept commenting on the events of the game from the bench. I still remember the coach Brazil’s Ze Mario, who won with Al Wasl in 2007 the league and cup titles, the last league championship registered in the name of “The Emperor.” The coach asked me to remain silent, and suddenly he decided to push me as a substitute, and I was thrilled with his trust. The next day, I went to thank the coach for the opportunity he gave me to play that clash match but was shocked by his response when he told me I gave you the chance to relieve from your annoying voice.”

He added: “Mario’s “shocking” words were a turning point in my sporting career. His criticism pushed me to show another passion in the field of football. As a football lover and was not a good player, then I had to be close to this game, so I turned to be a sports commentator after the coach pushed me in the “85th” minute of the match that I could not forget.”

“I always say that Al Ain exactly as the Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Juventus, Inter and all big clubs whose fate is to keep high performance and not to lose. It is not acceptable to experience any drop in the team’s level, and if it happened, they must stand tall swiftly. If we have such a conviction, then we will realize well about which badge we are defending. “We are Al Ain”; we are one of the biggest clubs in the Asian Continent, and the competitor whose destiny leads them to play at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium realizes that his fate is to be defeated. We are Real Madrid and Barcelona of Emirati football.

Al Kaabi went on to say: “There is a well-known saying among all members of this significant sports entity, which is statement made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of Al Ain Club and Chairman of Ainawi Honorary Council, “Being second is like the last one”.

He also stated that there is a very famous English proverb saying that “If you are the second, you are nothing.”

“We are Al Ain, and it is not acceptable to be the second because the team possesses all the qualities that make the team the champion. This justifies the decline in the fan’s satisfaction due to the performance of the team. however, when I see Al Ain’s position in the language of numbers and calculations, I find that Al Ain could win the title of the league and the cup even if the current season is not good as the club replaced many players and made a change in the coaching teams, which means that big teams are linked to achievements, whatever the circumstances.”

He said: “I always remember Al Ain’s strength in the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018. The Boss turned the table in the first match against New Zealand’s Team Wellington despite conceding three goals. The team achieved numbers that will remain steadfast for decades in the World Cup. This is Al Ain, and based on this fact, we have to draw our strength. Failure sometimes teaches you more than success.”

Al Kaabi also stated: “The Portuguese head coach, Pedro Emmanuel, can bring out your best and the fans are happy with the team’s style of playing, who confirmed that the coach had restored something of the Al Ain we know.”

“I believe that he is very close to all the team players, which I have seen in the behaviors of the former Romanian Cosmin with the players of Al Ain. I think the captain of the team, Ismael Ahmad, still remember that.”

Al Kaabi advised the players to be close to the coach. “Boost up the spirit of the one family, and make sure that each of one you have not played his best match yet and has not realized the most magnificent achievements.

Al Kaabi concluded his statements by saying: “Let football be part of our happiness. Dutchman Johan Cruyff says football is a celebration, not a funeral.”