Distributed 1000+ Certificates on the Occasion of the “Mother’s Day”.. The Boss Issues Appreciation Certificates to the Mothers of All Members of Al Ain Club

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Al Ain Club Surprises the Boss’ Stars by Appreciation Certificates Addressed to the “Sweet Heart”

Ahmad Al Shamesi: The Initiative Had a Positive Impact on Everyone and Put a Smile on Their Faces

Laba Kodjo: We Received the Sweetest and Best Gift from a Big Sports Entity to the Dearest and Prettiest Woman “My Mother”

Guanca: I Feel Proud and Honored for Belonging to Al Ain Club

Wadeema Al Yafei: Al Ain Club Always Surprises us by its Creative Initiatives

Ibrahim Al Blooshi: Al Ain Club is not a Mere Football and Sports Games Club

Mohammed Al Dhaheri: I Congratulate All Mothers in the World on this Dearest Occasion

On the occasion of the “Mother’s Day, which falls on the twenty-first of March every year and coinciding with the Day of Happiness, and in the realization of its dedicated efforts to consolidate the concept of the comprehensive sports club and to enhance the social role that it has been playing, in line with the vision and institutional values ​​of the Club, the management of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club has issued today more than a thousand certificates of appreciation to all its members and its subsidiaries.

The certificates were distributed with love to the staff of the football company, collective sports company, and investment company. They were issued to all male and female players of various games, junior teams, female and male coaches, employees, technical and administrative staff. The certificates were presented to everyone affiliated with this lofty entity.

The Club’s management held an open day on the occasion of Mother’s Day and the International Day of Happiness. They surprised all the Club’s members with certificates of appreciation addressed their mothers who gave them warmth, tenderness, and safety and watched their upbringing for long nights.

Each certificate presented expressive words of thanks and great appreciation from the Club and everyone who belongs to the Al Ain Club. This initiative was adopted to highlight their mothers’ critical role in their upbringing and care.

Ahmed Al Shamesi, Al Ain First Football Team, said that the Club’s initiative left a good impact on the hearts of all players and boosted the positive atmosphere among them.

He added: “It is not unusual that our Club adopts such initiatives as part of their commitment to adopt creative initiatives which are the incentive for each member of this lofty sports club.”

He also pointed out: “Al Ain Club has been embodying throughout its history the concept of the comprehensive Club, which is not limited to the sports aspects. This is demonstrated through active participation in community activities. Therefore, I hope that all mothers enjoy comfort and happiness and be satisfied with their sons and daughters.”

The Togolese “international” striker of Al Ain Team, Laba Kodjo, and top scorer of the “Boss” squad and the ADNOC Pro League expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to the management of Al Ain Club for the wonderful initiative.

He stressed: “Since the beginning of March, every day we think like others about the twenty-first and the gift that I will give to my dear mother. Whatever the gift’s value, I feel it does not match my appreciation for my mother. However, today I will bring her a unique gift from the entity to which I belong in my name and the name of the Club. I believe that it is the classiest and most beautiful gift.”

The Argentine, Cristian Guanca, said that the surprise touched the players’ feelings and triggered a sincere sense of happiness, as it was addressed from the Club to which we belong to the most highly appreciated lady everyone’s live.

He went on to say: “All words of appreciation are not enough to express our sincerest gratitude for this great Club. I felt overwhelmed when I received the gifts and the certificate of appreciation. My feelings were a genuine mixture of pride, happiness, and honor for being a member of the Al Ain Club.

The captain of the Al Ain First Handball Team, Ibrahim Al Blooshi, expressed his deep appreciation to the management of Al Ain Club for the distinguished initiative.

He described it as “an initiative that had lofty meanings, and a wonderful appreciation from the entity to which we belong to the dearest woman in our lives. Al Ain Club has been emphasizing that it is not just a football club over time. Indeed, I would like to congratulate all mothers on this special occasion.”

Al Ain Volleyball Club captain, Mohammed Al Dhaheri, valued the Club’s initiative on Mother’s Day, stressing: “Words of thanks and gratefulness do not match the value of this entity. It is the sports entity that has been performing per a clear vision and an ideal strategy that relies on dealing with everyone based on the spirit of the one family and the institutional values ​​of the Club.”

He also pointed out: “The surprise was wonderful and made everyone happy because it is associated with the source of happiness for every person in his life, which is his mother.”

Wadima Al Yafei, Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club player, said that Al Ain Club’s unprecedented initiative on Mother’s Day is not strange. “We are always supervised by the initiatives adopted by this lofty entity.

She added: “It is certain that every day is a day to celebrate and express our love to our dear mothers, who nurtured, watched, tired, and supported her sons and daughters. Therefore, I want to thank the management of Al Ain Club for this initiative and congratulate every mother on Mother’s Day.”

Badriya Al Alawi, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services Department at Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, praised the initiative, stressing: “Al Ain Club remains a role model, at all levels, athletically, technically, administratively and many more to count.

She concluded her statement by saying: “We are proud for being members of this entity. I do not fail to thank the Club’s management for this creative initiative, which coincides with a special and happy occasion.”