Hailed HBZ’s Success Strategy for athletes Hammad: Al Ain Club agrees to increase Al Wasl ticket quota


H.E Mohamed Obeid “Hammad”, Board Member of Al Ain FC , supervisor of the first and backup teams, offered his deepest felicitations on the 45th National Day asking Allah the Almighty to keep safe our cherished country and wise leaders.

He also congratulated Their Highnesses the sheikhs on the ‘Asian Footballer of the Year 2016’ Title awarded to Omar Abdurrahman; “The title achieved by Omar is accredited to the auspicious patronage provided by Their Highnesses the sheikhs to all UAE athletes,” he said.

He hailed the Making of a Professional Footballer Project, approved in 2009 by His Highness Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi Emirate, First Deputy President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, and First Deputy President of the Honorary Board of the Club, because it contributed a lot to instilling the concepts of professionalism at Al Ain Football School and Academy players. “I believe that successful project carried out by Al Ain Club has brought the brilliance of Omar and his teammates to fruition,” he added.

Hammad went on to say: “The fact that the ‘Asian Footballer of the Year 2016’ Award goes to UAE for the second year in a row proves that the Emirati football of both the clubs and the National Team is advancing on the right track towards the highest levels of success. Omar definitely merits the award and we’re very proud of it.”

He added that the award will significantly motivate the other players to play their best in the coming matches in order to achieve the best results.

Commenting on the surprise party organized by Al Ain FC first team on Omar’s award and attended by the Chairman of Al Ain FC Company, Hammad said: “It was normal for the players to share their happiness with Omar because he was the one who deserved the award; besides, the party coincided with the nation-wide celebration of the beloved 45th National Day. Hopefully, all our days will be happy and successful.”

Asked about the team’s preparedness to encounter Al Wasl, he said: “Certainly, our next AGL match against the current front runner, Al Wasl, will not be easy; however, Al Ain FC is guided by clear strategic plans in all matches and always aspires to win with all respect to all opponents.”

At the end, Hammad pointed out that the Board of Al Ain FC Company had agreed to allocate more seats to Al Wasl fans at HBZ Stadium increasing their ticket quota to 30% in view of the strong relationship between the two great clubs. “I hope that both teams will play a superb match that deserves the title of ‘UAE Clasico’, which coincides with our celebrations of a valuable national occasion.” He concluded.