Hailed Khalid Eisa Performance.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Tried to Surprise Al Jazira by Dominating the Match and Taking the Lead Earlier


“We knew that our mission would not be that easy against a strong opponent. It was a big challenge for us!” Al Ain head coach stated in the post-match press conference of matchweek 25 of AGL against Al Jazira.

Pedro Emanuel said: “We sought to surprise the home team by controlling the ball and taking the lead earlier, but we are missing several key players during the past period. We did our best to find the best solutions and create the required balance to make the difference tonight.”

Analyzing his team’s performance, the Portuguese pointed out that his team could not create critical chances in the first half as they planned, and the opponent was the best party.

Meanwhile, he commended Khalid Eisa, the Boss’ den keeper, for his outstanding performance, saying that “such big matches need big players.”

He added: “Al Jazira took the lead, and we tried to return to the match and level up the result, especially at the moment the referee denied Al Jazira a penalty kick. The opponent’s players were so nervous, and we tried to take advantage of such conditions and got a good chance to achieve the draw, but Laba failed to score.”

He concluded his statement by saying that Al Jazira succeeded in scoring their second goal, and they were the better team on the pitch.