In line with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and under the National Partnership with Royal Health Group.. Hamad Bin Nukhairat Sponsors the Inauguration of Al Ain Club COVD-19 Screening and Vaccination Center Through Vehicles

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The Time Frame for being Vaccinated through Vehicle is 7 Minutes and 4 Minutes for Screening Test

Today, Al Ain Club officially announced a new national partnership with the Royal Health Group to open the Covid 19 Screening and Vaccination Center through the vehicle. The new center is located in the perimeter of the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Hamad Bin Nukhairat Al Ameri, Managing Director of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and its affiliates, Dr. Muhammad Badr Al Sayyari, CEO of Royal Health Group, Rashid Abdullah, Operational Director of Al Ain Club, a large number of the first line of defense working in the new center and affiliated with the Royal Health Group and the staff of Al Ain Sports Club Cultural and affiliated companies.

Dr. Mohammed Badr Al Sayyari, CEO of the Royal Health Group, said in exclusive statements to Al Ain TV Channel that the partnership results from the Abu Dhabi Government’s sincere efforts, the Abu Dhabi Health Department, and all its strategic partners.

“It brings together two big national institutions, Al Ain Club and the Royal Health Group, with sights set to establish this vital project that provides services to the community easily and flawlessly. The center is designed to provide citizens of the city with the preventive COVID-19 vaccination services via vehicle, besides, to conduct screening test via vehicle smoothly and with a hassle-free process.”

Regarding the procedures adopted by the new center, he said: “The customers are received at the main gate where officers in charge lead them to the right direction to receive the service they need. They are then registered and follow the tracks leading to vaccination or screening test tents to be provided with the necessary service. They are provided with all the required information about vaccination and how to communicate with the medical authorities, according to the specific vaccination period. At the center, the whole process does not exceed seven minutes and four minutes only to do the screening test.”

The CEO of the Royal Health Medical Group described the current project as one of the smartest projects that provides two types of service simultaneously in an easy and accessible way.

“It is one of the projects that receive remarkable support from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the National Disaster and Crisis Management Committee,” he said.

He added: “The partnership demonstrates the required relationship between the national authorities within the Abu Dhabi Emirate, represented by the Al Ain Club, which is considered one of the leading national institutions in the UAE. Through this partnership, we look forward to the optimal use of the capabilities, facilities, and places provided by the club to serve the community in addition to the qualified and affiliated taskforces of the club and by the Royal Health Group. We also seek to provide medical personnel, medical devices, and all the necessary capabilities to obtain an easy medical product that serves the citizens and residents of the beloved city of Al Ain.”

For his part, Rashid Abdullah, the Operational Director of Al Ain Club, expressed his great pleasure, honor, and pride for signing the new national partnership that led to establishing the new center for COVID-19 screening tests and vaccination.

He went on to say: “Al Ain Club always seeks to consolidate the concept of the comprehensive sports club whose services are not limited to offer sports services only. This concept is based on the club’s commitment to the vision and strategic plans to promote social services and contribute to the awareness campaign for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine under the theme “Hand in Hand we Recover”.

Rashid Abdullah expressed his sincerest appreciation to all parties of the partnership by saying: “I would like to thank everyone for their significant contributions in the opening of the Al Ain Club Center for COVID- 19 Screening Tests and Vaccination via Vehicle; it is indeed an exceptional dual service. Thanks also go to the Royal Health Group, Abu Dhabi Police, and Al Qattara Company for their highly appreciated efforts.”

He signed off by saying that there will be other significant efforts to be revealed later on.