Paying Attribute to the Ainawi Nation.. Sergiy Rebrov: We Lost the Match’s Result Because We were not the Best Side


The head coach of the Al Ain Team, Ukraine’s Sergiy Rebrov, opened the post-match press conference by saying that his team did not play well, especially in the first twenty minutes, and conceded two goals in a row.

“There was a specific problem, and players did not play well. However, we tried to return to the match, but we were not lucky enough as Al Sharjah was the best side,” Sergiy added.

He concluded the opening statement by pointing out that we closed the chapter of the first round of the League and that the team will be ready and well prepared for the second round.

In response to a question on why he replaced Erik Jorgens, who was active in supporting the Boss front line, he said: “I believe he was good in the offensive tasks, but I was looking for quality on the pitch and create balance among all lines. This is why I replaced him to improve the performance further. But, by the end of the day, it is the head coach’s decision who sees the best solution to create the required balance within the team’s system.”

In an exclusive statement to the Al Ain Official Website, Sergiy stated: “I would like to thank the Ainawi fans who proved they the difficult number and won the challenge from the stands of the stadium. I want to stress that we know what we are meant to do in the second round of the League to repay them for all their dedicated efforts in supporting the squad.”

He signed off by stressing that “the team should close the chapter of tonight’s match and analyze it to improve the team’s performance. After that, we only focus on the coming clash match against Al Wasl of the President’s Cup.”