Zlatko leaves the final say to fans


On the other hand, Zlatko chose eye-contact and went up to the stands to talk to the fans closely; “First of all, I’d like to apologize to everyone. No one longed for winning the title more than me, but that’s football, sometimes it’s unfair. Despite all, I extend my deepest appreciation to all of you for your great support to me and the players,” he said.

He reminded them that there are some people who deliberately circulate negative feedback on the social media; “I don’t consider them honest fans of Al Ain because the players are in a dire need now for support and sympathy from their fans. I promise you not to give up and to fight together in order to scoop titles and win championships,” he added.

“If you want me to resign, I’ll assent willingly to your collective decision; but if you want me to stay, I promise you I won’t surrender,” he confirmed.

Finally, he assured that his desire to continue coaching Al Ain is not driven by making money; “After living here for 3 years, I feel I’m at home and Al Ain is my love. The Asian cup was at hands, but unfortunately we lost. I promise you we’ll work hard to get better and better until we win the AFC title.” He concluded.