Al Ain Volleyball Team Head Coach Welcomes the Newcomer


Argentina’s Head Coach of Al Ain Volleyball First Team, George Constrasti, welcomed the Hungary’s “international” player and expressed his pleasure to have him onboard following signing to Al Ain until the end of the current season.

“I am happy that Al Ain Club has contracted with Parouti. He is a young player, enjoys good experience and surely will exhibit stunning performance,” said the Head Coach. He added, “he will play a key role with Al Ain squad in the coming period and will play in the scheduled two friendly matches prior the next round of the league. We will assess his adaptation and harmony with his teammates.”

Argentina’s Head Coach concluded by saying: “We have to praise the Serb’s Vladimir who left the team due to resurgence injury for all his efforts in the previous period and his achievements with the club. I do wish him all the best in his future.”

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