“Sayfuna Ainawi” Activities Kicked Off at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium


Organized by the Fans Affairs Office of Al Ain Club, the activities of “Sayfuna Ainawi” Program were launched. The public event is scheduled to be held during 28th July- 1st August 2019 with the participation of several private and public entities.

In the presence of more than seventy participants of all nationalities, the activities of “Sayfuna Ainawi” were launched on Sunday 28th July 2019.

The activities included holding training courses and delivering various educational lectures by the Emirates Heritage Club. The experts of the club delivered lectures and presentations to the youth about the Emirati identity, local heritage, folk crafts, famous food, heritage games and many other items that tell the story of the old generations. The activities of the club also included holding the heritage tent where the organizers exhibited the Emirati customs and traditions and how to honor the guests. The tent also included a two-day handicrafts exhibition.

Abu Dhabi Police organized several different activities that attracted participants’ attention. AD Police delivered awareness lectures on the security of transport and public relations along with a live demonstration on the traffic patrol and processes of receiving and responding to reports. Participants also had the chance to test the receiving and responding to reports from within the patrol. All children expressed their deep pleasure for such an incredible live experience.

Children attended AD Police demos were so excited and pleased to watch the demonstration presented by the Security Inspection Department at Abu Dhabi Police (K9). The display of police dogs attracted their attention, especially as they showed high levels of intelligence of police dogs in carrying out difficult and complicated tasks. The attendees were impressed by the unique capabilities of these dogs and the high-quality skills of the coaches. Dogs showed a high level of physical ability, agility and harmony, and quick response to the orders of their coaches according to the nature of each operation. By the end of the show, officers of the Abu Dhabi Police distributed brochures and gifts to the attendees.

Al Ain Distribution Company held an exhibition dedicated to display photos and to deliver a lecture aimed at changing the daily habits and behaviors of the citizens and spreading the culture of awareness of the importance of rationalizing the consumption of water and electricity and abide by the requirements of achieving security and safety at homes.

The Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company participated in the program by holding several activities for students, including workshops to educate students on accurate and improper behaviors in using sewage networks. Additionally, the officials of the company distributed educational materials including all useful information about the company’s activities, including the “Educational Manual for Young Kids” which includes an overview on the company, introduction of characters, method of wastewater treatment, as well as ways to contribute to the protection of sewage networks.

The medical program included delivering raising awareness medical lectures focused on nutrition and first aid courses held by Al Ain Pharmacy and Rana Medical Center. Also, students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Emirates University delivered lectures and held awareness workshops on first aid and made conducted a demo on how to treat superficial wounds. The Specialized Medical Care Hospital also participated with a demo on the hospital’s ambulance and roles of its medical team. Ain Al Khaleej Hospital also attended the activities by a representative medical staff.

Al Ain Media Company also organized training workshops on skills of photography and video. The workshops included an introduction to types of cameras, lenses, methods of taking shots, and selecting and the appropriate angles. The attendees interacted enthusiastically with the trainers.

The Shooting Team at Al Ain Sports Club conducted practical training sessions on the use of the bow and arrow.

Sona Beauty Saloon offered the little girls free henna drawings on their hands.
The last day for the “Sayfuna Ainawi” Program will be Thursday 1st August 2019. During the days of the program, the Community Development Department, the Economics Department, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UAE University are scheduled to participate in mobile exhibitions, training workshops, awareness lectures, organizing competitions and distributing gifts presented by various entities taking part in all the Al Ain Club’s societal activities.

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