Ended as Runners Up of the West Asia Judo Championship held in Jordan, UAE Judo Team Clinches 11 Colored Medals.. Mohammed bin Thaloub Hails the “Hope Team” and Directs to Honor Them


Ali Al Darmaki, Hareb Jumaa and Saeed Al Naqbi are Superheroes

The UAE National Judo Teams were the stars of the youth and junior competitions of the West Asian Judo Championships organized by the Jordan Judo Federation in cooperation with the West Asian Federation. The championship was concluded on Sunday 21st July 2019 and was hosted at Al Hussein Youth City’s Princess Sumaya Hall in Amman- Jordan with the participation of 285 players representing nine countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, and Jordan.

Inaugurated by HRH Prince Hassan Bin Talal, Chairman of the Higher Council of Self-Defense, and attended by H.E. the Ambassador of UAE, Ahmad Ali Al Bloushi, the UAE Judo Teams were placed second in the general standing table of the championship. The UAE teams clinched 11 gold medals, 3 silver, and 5 bronze medals by the end of the West Asian Judo Championships for the youth and junior players.

Over 90 Kgs of youth competitions ended by UAE winning the gold medal when our team’s player Hareb Abdul Rahman Jumaa won the Lebanese player. That was the second medal as our player Ali Hassan Al Darmaki clinched the first gold medal in the opening day in over 100 Kgs competitions. The third gold medal was won by our player Saeed Al Naqbi in the competitions of under 73 Kgs when he downed Jordan’s player Ibrahim Ghaith in the final round. Rashid Al Hosani also won the bronze medal of the under 60 Kgs competitions to add to a new medal won by a junior team on the first day of the championship.

In the first day, Hareb Jumaa won the silver medal of the under 100 Kgs competitions, while the second silver medal was won by Ahmed Faisal in the under 55 Kgs competitions and the third silver medal was won by our player Ahmed Jasem Al Thumairi in the competitions of under 60 Kgs. Meanwhile, our players won four bronze medals in the inauguration day of the championship and as follows: Ahmed Al Hosani (60 Kgs), Saeed Al Naqbi (Under 73 kgs), Khaled Al Shehhi (66 Kgs), Abdullah Nematov (73 Kgs). Our team missed the efforts of Issa Al Thumairi who was injured in his first game in the preliminary stage in weight under 73 Kgs.

H.E. Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Derie, President of the UAE Wrestling and Judo Association, expressed his deep pleasure with the outstanding results achieved by the “Hope Team” to be stars of the championship.

H.E. Al Derie underlined: “The teams’ achievements in Macao and Hong Kong championships were a positive indicator of the teams results in the West Asian Judo Championships hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The sons of our beloved homeland confirmed that they are up to the challenge when they exhibit their genuine fighting spirit during the intense competitions that our brotherly country, Jordan, organized well and to raise the UAE flag high. Such an achievement reflects their love for their dearest homeland and it triggers the motivation to show more interest in the youth and junior Judo teams. These great teams are on the right track and thanks go to the plans and strategies adopted by the UAE Wrestling and Judo Association. Indeed, these superheroes deserve to be honored for their great efforts during the three championships.”

Al Derie availed the opportunity to extend his sincere gratitude and appreciation to H.E. the UAE Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ahmed Ali Al Bloushi, for his continuous attention and follow-up to the UAE Judo delegation. “H.E. Ahmed’s keen attention and interest was one of the factors led to such an outstanding record achievement by clinching 11 medals and placed second in the general standing table and be the stars of all Asian competitions.”

H.E. Al Derie also hailed the efforts exerted by all members of the delegation headed by Mohammed Jasem, Assistant Secretary, and coach of the Japanese team Haraguchi Noya, and all member clubs and coaching teams in judo clubs in UAE which contributed to the high level of junior and youth players. He stressed: “The coming phase will see more attention be paid to the junior teams through the development of the competitions of the Association and giving the opportunity to the talented players to participate in the away training camps, as well as playing against various high levels judo schools to help to boost their performance in the manner that enables them to win medals and titles.”

H.E. the President of the UAE Wrestling and Judo Association also issued his directives to the concerned to provide the required medical treatment to our player Issa Al Thumairi who was injured in his first match of the opening round of the championship.

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