Al Ain Club Organizes a Workshop for Collective and Individual Games Coaches


In its efforts to educate and further improve the performance of the coaching teams, Al Ain Sports Games Company has organized a workshop under the theme of “Scientific Foundations of Basic Skills Adopted in Sports Coaching”. The workshop was held on Tuesday 12th February 2019 at the lectures hall of the head offices of the Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium. The workshop was attended by Mr. Ahmed Sultan Al Nuaimi, Sports Director of Al Ain Sports Games Company, Mr. Mohammed Arabi, Director of Individual Games, Mr. Nasr El Dien Hamed, Director of Collective Games and coaches of junior players in collective and individual games.

Mr. Ahmed Sultan Al Nuaimi inaugurated the workshop by underlining the importance of holding such activities as they substantially contribute to the development of training methodologies. “Such workshops introduce the coaching teams to the modern scientific approaches of sports training and their new trends through introducing them to the coaches and the key tasks of coaches in the field of training.” He pointed out that the goal set by Al Ain Sports Games Company is to hold more workshops, seminars and courses this year to develop the appropriate programs and development plans in the field of training of junior teams to achieve the desired goals to be achieved.

Then, Mr. Nasr El Dien Hamed, Director of Collective Games, tackled the educational duties lie within the scope of training, including mastering the motor skills in sports, planning skills and certain developmental duties.

Mr. Mohammed Arabi, Director of Individual Games, presented certain advice to teams’ coaches based on his own past experiences, while commending all the coaches’ cooperation to achieve the desired goals.

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