Al Ain Officially Turns Down the UAE Volleyball Association Decision


Al Ain Sports Club officially announced their rejection of the decision made by the UAE Volleyball Association (UAEVA) mandating the Volleyball Vice- President’s Cup Final Re-Match between Al Ain and Bani Yas volleyball teams which entails by default to withdraw the title of the championship which the team has recently crowned deservedly and justly.

In a press statement made public on its official website, Al Ain Sports Club deplored the fact that: “Al Ain Club heard the news through mass media that Bani Yas has lodged a protest on the events that accompanied the final match. In the meantime, UAEVA did not adopt the principle of transparency and did not officially notify Al Ain Club on the details of the protest and complaint filed by the opponent team against Al Ain Club.”

Al Ain Sports Club also declared its reservation on the UAEVA’s decision which is entirely opaque, and called on the Association to give Al Ain Club the chance to review all the relevant correspondences addressed to the “International” Volleyball Federation.

Al Ain Sports Club mentioned in its statement that the club had got confirmed information that the UAEVA had already examined the case prior referring it to the International Volleyball Federation without notifying one of the parties of the case, that is Al Ain Sports Cub, which is an act goes against the principles of neutrality.

Al Ain Club stated also that they officially addressed a letter to UAEVA to confirm the validity of the news stated by the press and media means and requested them to provide the Club with a copy of the letter addressed to the International Volleyball Federation consistent with the principles of transparency.

The Management of Al Ain Sports Club stated: “UAEVA acknowledged the validity of what the media reported on the issue and that UAEVA has already addressed a letter to the International Volleyball Federation in order to rule on the legality of the decisions taken by the referees of the final match without providing the Club with a copy of that letter. Consequently, Al Ain Club communicated with UAEVA for a second time to provide the management of the Club with a copy of the letter to scrutinize the accuracy of the explanation of the situation and inquiries sent by the International Volleyball Federation.”

“UAEVA overlooked all the requests made by Al Ain Club with regard to the case of the Cup’s final re-match. Surprisingly, UAEVA issued a decision on Tuesday 6th November mandating to replay the final match on 28th November 2017 referring to the response letter issued by the International Volleyball Federation stating that the referees committed a mistake in implementing the regulations of the game with regard to the exceptional substitution based on merits of the case sent by the UAEVA to the International Volleyball Federation,” added Al Ain Club.

Al Ain Club ended their statement by wondering what the team did to be held liable for the referees’ mistakes, particularly that the Club fully complied with all regulations and rules of the game and did not commit any offense deserving punishment.

Al Ain Sports Club also stressed that there is no logic to hold the Club liable for the referees’ mistakes while the UAEVA has to punish the referees team or referees committee or at least to apologize courageously for failing to manage the whole matter. The Club also emphasized that there are no provisions in the game’s regulations stipulating to re-match as a result of a mistake in the implementation of the rules of the game, in addition to the fact that the officials tasked to run the match is fully responsible to implement all the rules of the game and should be familiar with its tiny details.

Al Ain Sports Club concluded its statement by stressing: “UAEVA could refer to the regulations of the game and its “international” bylaws where it is stated plainly that the referee is granted absolute powers and full confidence in managing the matches. Subsequently, Al Ain Sports Club demands the UAEVA officially to suspend the decision of Cup’s final re-match until the completion of deliberation processes of the case details on legal bases in line with the letter addressed to UAEVA on 6th November 2017 in which the Club objects to the decision taken.”

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