Al Ain Swimmers Break Records and Al Mahra Bloushi Snatch First Colored Medal


Al Ain swimmers achieved new records at the level of the State and advanced positions in U-16 UAE Swimming Cup held during 26- 27 January 2018 at the Olympic swimming pool at Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai.

A number of clubs and sports academies partaken in the competitions. Al Ain Club’s swimmers were able to break records in a number of competitions during the tournament, namely: Saif Ghareeb Al Bloushi who scored a new record in the 200 meters back competition within a record of 3:02:12; Mohammed Rashed AL Kuwaiti who achieved in the 200-meter chest 3:02:48; Ahmed Al Hashemi 100-meteres chest in 1:07:37, and Hamdan Al Bloushi in 200-meters free in 2:06:91.

Not only did Al Ain swimmers notch new records, but they also snatched a number of colored medals and as follows: Ahmed Al Hashemi won the gold medal in the 50, 100 and 200 meters breast races and the silver medal in the 50 meters freestyle at U-15 and U-16 competitions; Zayed Al Arifi won the gold medal in the 100-meters back race and the silver medal in the 50-meters back race; Mohammed Rashid Al-Kuwaiti won the silver medal in the 50 and 200- meters breast races in U-11 and U-12 competitions; Hamdan Al Bloushi won the silver medal of the 200 meters freestyle in U-15 and U-16 competitions and Suhail Salim won the bronze medal in the 50-meters back in in U-15 competitions.

As for the female swimmer of Al Ain Club, they did well in their third participation in the competitions. Mahra Ghareeb Al Bloushi was able to snatch the bronze medal in the 50-meters butterfly race in in U-13 and U-14 competitions, while Yasmin Saif was placed fourth in 50-meters back race in U-11 and U-12 competitions.

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