Al Dhaheri: Satisfied by Our Achievements and We Seek to Raise the Ceiling of Our Aspirations in the Coming Season


H.E. Khuwaiter Saeed Al Dhaheri, Board Member of Al Ain Sports Games Club and Supervisor of Individual Games, dedicated the Jujitsu Teams’ achievement to the Chairman and Board Members of Al Ain Club and all the members and fans of the club.

Noteworthy, Al Ain Youth Team clinched the title of the President’s Cup and Al Ain Female Team won the title of the Mother of the Nation’s Cup last Saturday.

Al Dhaheri pointed out that Al Ain Club strived hard to win the most precious title to the hearts of all players which motivated the team to exert great efforts to achieve this record since the kickoff of the tournament, in light of the technical and administrative readiness that has not stopped since the beginning of the season.

Al Dhaheri stressed: “We are satisfied with our achievements this year and we seek to raise the ceiling of our aspirations next season.”

He added: “Such local championships have contributed to the development of clubs’ performance by giving the opportunity to players of various categories and colored belts to add to their practical experience and to be crowned by titles that boost their self-confidence.”

Al Dhaheri concluded that Al Ain is one of the most important tributaries of the national team with professional players and new talents. He expressed his pride such an honor for the high prestigious level of the Club’s players in this game.

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