Jannis: So Delighted To Be the Coach of Al Ain Volleyball Team and I Aspire to Wine More Titles This New Season


Greece head coach of Al Ain First Volleyball Team, Jannis Kalmazidis, hailed the performance of the team players in their preseason away camp kicked off on 22nd August 2019 and ends by 4th September.

Noteworthy, the team will start the new season by playing the Super Cup match scheduled to be against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Team on 13th September 2019 at the indoor court of Bani Yas Club.

The newly-appointed head coach stated: “We are progressing at a good and firm pace in the current camp. Indeed, there are great advantages we are gaining in this important phase, on top is the team players are all together in one place. This gives the coaching team the appropriate time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and the players’ reactions and performance during the matches and training sessions.”

As for the friendly matches that the team has played as part of the current away camp activities, he commented: “At this stage of preseason preparations, results of the friendly matches are not of great importance to me. What I do care for is to improve the performance and skills of the team, and to handle any problems or challenges that the team may face.”

“All that I focus on right now is to allow the 15 players to play, to monitor their performance, to get a thorough idea about their capacities and reactions in the court and how they collaborate as one team,” he said.

He added: “My vision is to build a strong team for the future who will eventually clinch titles and be on coronation podiums. It is a known fact that it is difficult to find a fully ready team during the training camps, and this applies to all teams, indeed.”

Responding to a question on the team’s readiness and fitness for the upcoming Super Cup match against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai, the head coach stated: “It is difficult for us to determine the percentage of the team’s readiness at the moment, but I can say they are ready by 60% or 70%. Although we have a quality team and outstanding and skillful stars, we are not fully ready and need more time.”

He also put an accent on the fact that patience is a keyword in the world of sports. “We have to be patient because of the golden rule in the sports world stipulates that you have to act quickly and be patient to achieve future goals.

“We hope that the team will perform well and honorably, but we must address some of the challenges, including allocating players in the right positions and cover the gaps we have in the current squad,” he said.

Responding to a question on whether he is familiar with the UAE Volleyball League and Al Ain Club, he said: “I know that Al Ain is a big club where all sights are set to win titles and be the champ all the time. This magnificent history motivates all of us to exert double efforts at all levels including the players, coaching team, or administrative staff to win all championships and put firm hands on new titles.

He went on to say: “No one can promise to win all the tournaments, but I promise everyone to exert more effort and focus on winning all the matches through hard work and high concentration. I do hope the team will be able to achieve all the aspirations and successes they desire to realize.”

“It is my dream when coaching any team is to build a team whose aspirations are not limited to win titles, but to keep going and develop the players’ performance and skills which are very important for the future of the team. The team must have a future that will lead us to achieve the goals we seek. I know how important it is to win trophies and titles for Al Ain Club, but what I am focusing on now is building a great team for the future and then we can win trophies,” he stated.

He commented: “I have heard a lot about Al Ain Club through friends and professional and there were previous negotiations to sign to be the head coach, but it was difficult for me at that time due to inevitable circumstances it. Al Ain club is known for its distinguished history and significant achievements, and I hope that my presence with the team will be of an added value.”
Coach Jannis signed off: “I do not fear challenges no matter what, and I will work to help the team achieve the best results. I am so eager to work with such brilliant stars and highly motivated to achieve the Club’s desired goals.”

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