Saleh Shouaili: High spirit Prevails in the Preseason Camp Held in Tunisia


H.E. Saleh Al Shouaili, Board Member of Al Ain Sports Games Company and Supervisor of the Handball Sector, praised the high spirit that prevails preseason away camp currently held in the Hammamat City in Tunis, which will last until 6th September 2019 in preparation for the new season.

He emphasized that the atmosphere in the camp is entirely satisfactory. “It is an ideal atmosphere, given the availability of quality infrastructure, including the gymnasium hall and training courts along with the perfect weather conditions. Definitely, such factors will help the players to train enthusiastically and seriously as per the program pre-set by Tunisia’s head coach Mohamed Bu Ghazala and his assistant Yousri Al Mazeni.”

“All players are aware of the importance of this camp, which comes after good break time. So, they are required to exert lots of efforts and take optimal advantage of this away camp to be ready for the new season,” he said.

Noteworthy, the team lost yesterday evening their first friendly match to Tunisia’s Olympic Suleiman team by 19-21.

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