Brazilian Coach and Player Sign to Al Ain Volleyball Team.. Al Darmaki: The Brazilian Coach is Able to Fulfill Al Ain’s Aspirations in the New Season


Al Ain Sports Games Company has officially announced contracting with Sydney Luciano as the new head coach of Al Ain Volleyball First Team and his country man Costa. The official announcement was made during a press conference held in Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium dedicated to introducing the head coach and player to media representatives.

The press conference was attended by H.E. Abdullah Al Darmaki, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Sports Games Company, Ahmad Sultan Al Nuaimi, Sports Director of Al Ain Sports Games Company, Abdullah Zwayyed Al Nuaimi, Al Ain Volleyball First Team Manager, and Nasr Eldien, Sports Manager.

H.E. Abdullah Al Darmaki, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Sports Games Company delivered a welcoming speech where he expressed his pleasure to have the new Brazilian head coach onboard. “I am sure that the new head coach will be able to achieve the team’s aspirations based on his past experiences with the Colombian National Team and his Gulf experience with Bahrain’s Dar Koliab Volleyball Team and his remarkable achievement by winning GCC Volleyball Cup,” said Al Darmaki.

Additionally, l Darmaki announced that Al Ain Volleyball Team has already signed a contract with Ricardo Beislin as Assistant Head Coach. Ricardo has worked with Bazile’s National Volleyball Team and Bazile’s Tabata Volleyball Team and this will have positive impact on the team in terms of stability. He also announced that the team has signed a contract with Brazil’s Costa who was playing to Bahrain’s Al Najma and was playing to Brazil’s Universities Volleyball National Team and Brazil’s Junior Volleyball National Team.

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